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  Start Date End Date Rate
Session 1 Wednesday June 29 2016 23 Sivan 
3 PM
Tuesday July 26 2016 – 20 Tamuz 
8 AM
Session 2 Wedneday July 27 2016 - 21 Tamuz Tuesday August 23 2016 - 19 Av $1800.00
Visiting Day Session 1 July 17 2016– 11 Tamuz 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (City time)
Visiting Day Session 2 Aug 2 2016 - 3 Av 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (City time)
Additional Program Fees
VIP Program (entering 8th grade) $150.00 Per Session
CIT Program (entering 9th Grade) $250.00 Per Session
Waitress Program (entering 10th grade) $550.00 (includes all trips and staff sweatshirt)

Camp Vendors-

IdentaMe labels

A message from your Director and parent too:)
As a parent: I have been sending my children to camp for years. I have been constantly frustrated with the labels that I have used yearly. Last summer I came accross "IdentaMe Labels" Quick, easy and they actually worked. In addition I have used them to label my childrens clothing and possessions through the year.

As a director: The amount of lost clothing and possesions yearly is staggering. I would love to make a change to that. Over the years it has come to my attention that most of the "lost and found" were either not labeled or the labels had fallen off. Last summer I experimented with "IdentaMe Labels" and my exeperience made me realize that I can change the amount of lost and found at the end of the summer.

I spoke with April Hammond at "IdentaMe" and we set up a vendors station. If you buy labels from them with the following link, Camp Pardas Chanah will receive 15% of their sales.
Click here for "IdentaMe labels" and you have a better chance seeing the stuff you sent to camp, come home.

Tzniusdike night gowns, tshirts etc.

A message from your Director and parent too:)

As a parent: Sending my children to camp, I have always searched for tzniusdike nightware, robes, and tshirts that are tzniudik, comfortable and affordable.

As a director:
It's a real Bracha to be able to see our campers dressed appropriately not only during the day but at night too. The vendors below have helped make a major change in the choice of nightware being worn by our campers.

They will each donate 10 percent of their sales to Camp Pardas Chanah. Be sure to remember to put "Camp Pardas Chanah" in the checkout so we can get 10 percent of your purchases.




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