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Dear Parents,
We have had a record breaking amount of applicants and are gratified and appreciative that your trust in Camp Pardas Chanah is so great. As you all know, there is a physical space issue. Currently, any camper being put through the system will be waitlisted. All our programs are over full. Those that have already enrolled, we will get back to you with the protocol of acceptance iy'h in the next few weeks.
Thank you

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Wednesday, June 24,2015 (7 Tamuz) - Monday, July 20, 2015 (4 Av)
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 (5 Av) - Monday, August 17,2015 (2 Elul)

Visiting day:
First Session -Sunday July 12 (25 Tammuz)
Second Session -Sunday August 2 (17 Av)

Girls 8-14 years old.  Grades 4-8


Each session (4 weeks approximately) costs $1800.00

A deposit of $250 is required per application. (No head checks for deposit accepted.)
7th (current) grade campers-add $150.00 for trips and special programs (per session)
8th grade(current) campers-add $250.00 for trips and special programs (per session)

Requests for scholarships can be made by filling out a scholarship form available on our online registration.
Scholarships are available on a limited first come first serve basis. No scholarship requests will be accepted after April 1

The following modes of transportation are available.
New York Bus departs the night before camp begins from Kingston corner Union and returns the day camp ends in the evening. Rate: 150.00 Round trip.
Montreal Bus departs the day camp starts and returns the day camp ends.
Flying Campers - Click here for information.
Toronto Campers will be picked up from the Mega bus station and brought to Montreal and join the Montreal Bus. Click here for more information


First Session:

Second Session:




Wednesday. June 24, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5001 Vezina

10:00 AM

New York

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mon. July 20, 2015

Kingston & Union

10:30 PM

DEPARTURE: Documents: 
Valid Passport or Original Birth Certificate
for border. Passport for flying campers. Immigration has asked us to let you know that the preferred method of entry into Canada and entry into US should be with a valid passport.

The medical report must be completed by a physician and sent to the office before June 1st 2015. Campers from Quebec must bring a copy of their Medicare card.  Non-Quebec Campers must have medical insurance coverage prior to arrival at camp.  Click here for more information


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The camp canteen acts as a bank for your child's money.
It will hold her spending money and canteen money. Campers are encouraged to give in all their cash as we cannot take responsibility for any money lying around.
The camp canteen will sell refreshments and sundry items for the convenience of the campers.  It is advisable that a nominal sum (of $75) per session be deposited in the canteen for this purpose.

Campers will be allowed to call home once a week on their phone day.
For the camper phone schedule click here.
  For your convenience and benefit camp advises parents to purchase a 1-800 number for their home phone that accepts Canadian calls.  Please note: Phone cards purchased out of Canada don’t necessarily work on our phones.  Calling cards & stamps are available for sale at camp’s canteen.

The phone schedule begins on the 3rd day of the start of a session.
Friday calls - after Mincha ( Aprox 3:30 PM) until 1.5 hours to shabbos you may try to call your daughter for a quick good shabbos. At that time, your daughter will be called to the phone. There are limited amount of phone lines in camp so this service is limited to luck :). This policy is only for incoming calls. No camper will be allowed to make outgoing calls at that time.

Due to our privacy/tznius regulations Camp Pardas Chanah does not post pictures of campers on our website. However, Once your daughter arrives at camp you will receive a username and password to enable viewing or purchasing camp photos. click here for photo information.

DIRECTIONS:  Click here for Directions

Click here for contact information
Camp Pardas Chanah's main mode of communication is best via email. Once your child is registered all information will be sent to you via the email addresses provided to us when registered. This includes, registration, reminders, updates etc. Once in camp Parents will receive transportation updates and bunk information etc.
Campers may receive emails via our website. click here for camper emails. Please limit your emails to 3x a week

Camp Vendors-

IdentaMe labels

A message from your Director and parent too:)
As a parent: I have been sending my children to camp for years. I have been constantly frustrated with the labels that I have used yearly. Last summer I came accross "IdentaMe Labels" Quick, easy and they actually worked. In addition I have used them to label my childrens clothing and possessions through the year.

As a director: The amount of lost clothing and possesions yearly is staggering. I would love to make a change to that. Over the years it has come to my attention that most of the "lost and found" were either not labeled or the labels had fallen off. Last summer I experimented with "IdentaMe Labels" and my exeperience made me realize that I can change the amount of lost and found at the end of the summer.

I spoke with April Hammond at "IdentaMe" and we set up a vendors station. If you buy labels from them with the following link, Camp Pardas Chanah will receive 15% of their sales.
Click here for "IdentaMe labels" and you have a better chance seeing the stuff you sent to camp, come home.

Tzniusdike night gowns, tshirts etc.

A message from your Director and parent too:)

As a parent: Sending my children to camp, I have always searched for tzniusdike nightware, robes, and tshirts that are tzniudik, comfortable and affordable.

As a director:
It's a real Bracha to be able to see our campers dressed appropriately not only during the day but at night too. The vendors below have helped make a major change in the choice of nightware being worn by our campers.

They will each donate 10 percent of their sales to Camp Pardas Chanah. Be sure to remember to put "Camp Pardas Chanah" in the checkout so we can get 10 percent of your purchases.




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