Head Office: 4865 Kent Ave | Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H4 | 514.600.1631

Pardas Chanah Summer School

At Pardas Chanah summer school we will take learning to a new level.  Our students have missed a lot of learning during the COVID Years.  Focusing on an in-depth curriculum catered to enhancing knowledge,  personal growth, and social, and emotional wellness.


Di Seder Vet Zain Azoy!

  • 7:45 Wakeup
  • 8:05 Cocoa club
    Use your morning hours to memorize Jewish text
  • 8:20 Lineup
    Lineup is when we gear up for a day of study, By chanting the 12 core principles of judiasim
  • 8:30 Davening
  • 9:10 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Cleanup
  • 10:40 Classes – Period 1
    In period one you will study Jewish history as it proteins to the destruction of the Jewish temple in jerusalem
  • 11:20 Classes Period 2
    In period two, you will study the “Ethics of our Fathers” Where you will gain from great Jewish sages morals and values
  • 12:00 Break
  • 12:15 Classes Period 3
    You will Compete in a live competition with your friends on various topics of jewish study in a gameshow format
  • 1:20 Line Up
  • 1:25 Lunch
  • 2:10 Rest hour
  • 3:10 Session 3
    General assembly class by Rabbi Wanger
  • 3:50 Session 4
    Hands-on Halacha class
  • 4:30 Snack
  • 4:40 Session 5
    Jewish custom Presentation
  • 5:20 Washup
  • 5:25 Lineup, Mincha, Tzivos Hashem
  • 6:15 Supper
  • 7:00 Night Learning
  • 7:45 Prepare for bed
  • 8:40 Rebbe time
  • 9:00 Lights out
    Grade 4-6
  • 10:00 Lights out
    Grade 7 & 8
  • 10:30 Lights out
    Grade 9



  • 11:00 Lights out
    Grade 10 – 11


A Peek at what our Ruchnius look like throughout the day

shiur with rabbi wenger
tefilla 2

Boker Tov

With the Rebbes Modeh Ani, negel vasser and a reminder to dress the way of a bas chabad

Cocoa Club

Optional learning with Cocoa and cookies for a grand go karting trip at the end of the month

Line up

6 of the 12 Pesukim are said


Davenning with a chayus, Tanya & Tehillim & the “Davenners of the day” are rewarded by joining a special session of the “Rebbe’s Minyan” the following day


Amongst singing & cheering Hayom Yom is learned


The campers are divided in groups according to age and learn with the Camp Rabbi.  The camp Rabbi teaches, Halacha, Parsha, Chassidishe Inyanim, Yedios Klolios.


Daily Sefer Hamitzvos


Davenning Mincha and Chumash of Chitas

Tzivos Hashem

Learning Baal Peh and with a Chayus various inyanim of Torah, Chassidus and Chassidishe Inyanim


Daily Moshiach thought and CMC (chassidishe meidelach club)  nominee for Tznius Queen

Layla Tov

Krias Shema, Rebbe Time

Of course Farbrengens , stump the Rabbi sessions for the older grades and much more.

Tzivos Hashem

Every day before supper the campers learn “Tzivos Hashem “and are rewarded special prizes at the end of the session.   The more they learn the greater the prize.  Of course the greatest prize of all is the extra Yedios they gain

What is UP PC?

The question we ask the campers daily – “What is up PC , What did you do today, to make the Rebbe proud & Up my day? ”  The campers have an opportunity to fill out daily “What’s up Charts” and go up in rank.  As they go up in rank they win a special memorabillia made especially for the current summer.

whats up program

CMC – Chassidshe Maidelach Club

Each and every girls vie for the chance to have their handprint on the wall.  This is awarded to the Tznius Queen of the day.  The campers join ranks in knowing that they have done all they can to dress & act like a Bas Chabad.

cmc club tznius