Admin Office: 4865 Kent Ave. Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H4 Phone: 514 600 1631

Visiting Day

Visiting Day

Session 1

Cancelled for summer 2018-5778

Session 2

Cancelled for summer 2018-5778

Visiting Day Hours

11:30 AM – 6:00 PM (City time)

We do understand that  parents travel many hours to see their children, please do respect our visiting hours and make sure to leave on time.  In addition, make sure that if you are taking your daughter off camp grounds, to bring her back on time so that we can continue our camp program.

Finding Your Daughter

Should you have any difficulties locating your daughter, go to the front office and she will be paged on the PA system

Campers that do not have visitors

Campers that do not have visitors will have a choice of activities through the day.  Including a trip out of camp to Walmart or the Kosher store. (If it is open for the summer)   If visiting day falls out during the 9 days there will not be an outing. A special “in camp trip” will be provided in this case.

Tipping Counselors & Waitresses

Tipping your daughter’s counselors & waitresses are a way to show appreciation for all the hard work the staff has put into caring for your daughter’s needs. Each camper has 2 counselors and 1 waitress. Suggested tipping schedule is as follows:

Per Counselor: $25.00 – $35.00 Per Waitress: $10.00 – $15.00.


Parents will be asked to park via the back entrance of camp.  The gates will open at 11:30 AM and close at 6:00 PM.  Please follow the parking signs and ropes.  They are there for the safety of our campers.

Can I take my daughter out of camp

You are welcome to take your daughter out of camp.  Please make sure to “sign her “out upon departure and to “sign her” back in upon arrival.

Need to talk to a head counselor, counselor, director?

Throughout the day staff &  directors will be available to talk.  Most likely they will be found under or around the tent area.  If you cannot find the staff member you are looking for, have them paged at the camp office.

Can I bring boys to camp?

Only boys under the age of Bar Mitzvah are allowed to visit camp.


Directions to camp are here


Below are some places around camp and in Montreal for lodging

Quality Hotel – Midtown 

Address: 6445 Boulavard Decarie, Montreal, QC
Reservation: 866-465-3800

  • Near Yeshiva
  • Serves Kosher Breakfast
  • Close to Kosher Restaurants

L’Escale Chabad du Nord (Hotel)

Address: 669 Des Mésanges
Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, (QC) J8C 2Z7

  • 10 minutes away from camp
  • Serves kosher food

Lubavitch Yeshivah

Address:  6405 Westbury Avenue (Between Carlton and Plamondon)

Restaurants, Groceries & Bakeries

There are many restaurants and bakeries in Montreal. (An hour away from camp.)
See the MK list of available restaurants, bakeries etc.  (Note: not all restaurants are lubavitcher shechita)

Things to do around camp

Download a list of things to do around camp