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Summer Scholarship Opportunity
Dedicate a Camp Program
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The Jacobson Family

Dedicate a Camp Program

In Memory of Sholom Ben Simon

180.00 towards camp wide Tznius Program
Moshe Frank

In honor of the Wengers and Gurarys

tireless efforts for the campers.

180.00 towards Camper Scholarship Fund
Shaina Dworcan

In honor of the staff of Camp Pardas Chanah,

Wishing you all a successful summer !

$175 towards Camper Scholarship Fund
Miriam Goldberg

In honor of the campers at Camp Pardas Chanah

$18 towards Camper Scholarship Fund
Rabbi & Mrs. Mendy & Temma Cohen

Sponsored by the Cohen Family
In loving memory of Henel bas Avrohom.


Donated towards our Library Fundraiser