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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, registration will open on or around January 1. Check our website to find out when registration opens.
Use the register link on our website that will take you to our online registration system.
Campers finishing Grade 4- 8.
Canadian campers pay CDN funds American and International campers pay USD funds
The deposit is $250.00 (non refundable)
Deposits and camp payment can be paid
  • Via Check
  • Through our secure payment link on our website you can enter the deposit information. It will only be charged if your daughter is accepted.
  • If there is another way you would like to pay, please contact the camp office.
No deposit will be taken unless your daughter has been accepted to camp. No credit card will be charged, no checks will be deposited unless your daughter is accepted.
Scholarships are given on a case by case basis. If you would like to request a scholarship, make sure to fill a scholarship form during your registration process. The form is located on the online registration dashboard.
At registration. If a scholarship form is not filled on the online registration dashboard, a request for a scholarship will not be accepted.
Based on your scholarship form, you will receive an e-mail from the camp with the discount that camp is prepared to give. In order to generate the scholarship you will have to reply via email that you accept the amount. This reply must be done within 24 hours otherwise your daughters application will be discarded. Please make sure, that once you receive your invoice that the scholarship matches what has been discussed. If it does not match, contact the camp office.
Campers that were in camp before do have some priority but we do make space for new campers too. Campers that have submitted registration on the first day (not the first hour or minute) will have their applications reviewed first. Acceptance will be based on demographics, grade, and/or goirel.
Registration to camp fills up quickly. Generally it takes about 4 weeks to receive an answer. Acceptance is done via grade group. Starting with Grade 4. Once the acceptance of a particular grade is completed, you will get an e-mail informing you of your daughters status.
You can make up to 3 requests.  Camp will try its best to honor at least 1 request. For more information about bunking see our guidebook.
No.  If a space becomes available you will be notified and if you are interested in the spot you will send a deposit then.
That question is only answered if you are number 1 or number 2 on the list.   If you were not given a number it is because you are not number 1 or 2.
Yes. Not many but sufficient to get some people on the waitlist into camp.  Even if you are at the end of a long list, there are many people that make alternate plans as summer gets closer allowing for people at the end of the list to jump to the top.
The only way a space can be given is if there is someone that has cancelled their registration  As there is no way for the camp to predict a cancellation in advance, we are unable to answer this question
Yes she does.   A letter if located here.   This letter should travel with your daughters documents.  Immigration can hold back campers that are missing parental consent letters.  For more information about documents, see our guidebook.
It  is highly recommended to have a passport, however, if you do not have one, an original birth certificate is acceptable at this time.  For more information about documents see our guidebook.
All transporation information is available on our website. You will receive updated ETA's once the buses leave camp.  We do our best to update parents via email as the campers  travel back home.
You will receive an e-mail from the camp upon camper arrival.
Unfortunately, our system is unable to do this.  The transporation e-mails will be sent to the parents addresses in our system.  You are welcome to forward it to the person that is picking up your daughter.
All camp information is sent to parents via e-mail.  The e-mail addresses provided by the parents of the camper upon registration are the addresses that will receive the updates.  Important updates are also available on our website's  home page.
If your daughter takes daily medication the following needs to be done.
  1. Fill in the medication form located on our website
  2. Upon her arrival to camp she will submit the medication to the infirmary
  3. The nurse will inform her of her schedule
For more information see our guidebook.
send an e-mail to and put attention to director in the subject line or contact us here.
Please refer to our guidebook, to learn our phone policies for campers.
Campers do not have the ability to send e-mails, however they can write letters and send through the post. Stamps are available for sale in camp.
You can go to the "send" tab on our website and click "send an e-mail"
The best way to reach camp is via e-mail. If there is a specific concern, that you would like to discuss, you can e-mail the camp and we will make up a time to talk. E-mail address is Alternatively, you can call the office between 11:00 & 3:00 PM. If there is no answer, leave a message and your call be returned within 24-48 hours. Responses via e-mail are usually quicker.
Yes, your daughter needs medical insurance in Canada that will cover emergencies and doctors visits.  Camp does not provide insurance.  Please purchase insurance from a travel agency or you can call Noach Heiman - 718-387-2114. For more information see our guidebook.
The short answer is no. The longer answer is, camp strongly discourages campers from being taken out of the camp program.  If there is an extenuating circumstance and you feel you must visit your daughter:
  1. Specific permission must be received in advance from the camp director
  2. If the schedule allows, you may pick up your daughter from the front gate.
  3. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to enter camp.  Entering camp is only on visiting day.
Please refrain from bringing boys over Bar Mitzvah to camp.