Head Office: 4865 Kent Ave | Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H4 | 514.600.1631

Keep in touch

...in communication and birthdays


Keep in Touch at Camp. Communication is the key to all in camp.  Anything related to how to get in touch with the camp or your daughter will be available in this section. 



The best way to reach camp is via e-mail. If there is a specific concern, that you would like to discuss, you can e-mail the camp and we will make up a time to talk. E-mail address is admin@camppc.com or via our website: contact us.


Keep in touch with your daughter by sending her e-mail. Letters from home are always welcomed.  Most likely, if an e-mail was sent after 11:00 AM it will fall into the following days E-Mails.



Keep your E- Mails fun, happy and good shmooze. Girls in camp are especially sensitive and any news that may cause panic to your daughter may cause her to tear up and feel anxious. EG- Someone is in the hospital, or a sibling hurt themselves may cause them to wonder and feel anxious about the situation. Specifically if they cannot call home.


Administration Office

  • Admin: Pre Camp & in camp: 514 600 1631

You  can call the office between 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM.

If there is no answer, leave a message and your call be returned within 24-48 hours.

Responses via e-mail are usually quicker.

  • In Camp (camper related):  819-322-2899

You can call the office between 10:00 AM & 6:00 PM. (City Time)

If there is no answer, leave a message and your call be returned within 24-48 hours.
Responses via e-mail are usually quicker.


Campers have an opportunity to speak home 1 time a week starting from the first Sunday at camp.  These calls are limited to 10 minutes and are there just for you to hear your daughter’s voice.  A short Hi , How are you, Missing you so much and I’m having a ball is the purpose of this call.  This call is to put you at ease, and to know that your daughter is doing okay.  Below you will find a phone schedule.

How do campers call home?

In order to facilitate, easier calling for the campers on their calling day, camp has purchased 6 cell phones. These phones only make outgoing calls and will be available to your daughter on her calling day.

Some things to be aware of:

  • Campers are limited to  a maximum of 9 minutes for calls.
  • When the camp is out on a trip, and it is your daughter’s phone day- most likely she will call the next day.  We do try to remember to send an e-mail to the parents stating that they are on a trip but that is not always the case.
  • If you miss your daughter’s call she will call the next day during rest hour
  • Campers are not forced to call home.  Many camper’s prefer not to call home to alleviate homesickness that they may feel if they do.  Please do not force your daughter to the phone.  Most likely she is doing perfectly fine and having too much fun to call.
  • Should you have a concern after your call, please contact us via e-mail (preferable) and we will be glad to address those concerns

Erev Shabbos Calls

We are unable to take calls for campers on Erev Shabbos.  It causes great strain in the office and we are unable to accomodate a Good  Shabbos Call.  Alternatively you can E-mail your daughter a Gut Shabbos hug.

Camper Phone Schedule

Calls will usually take place between 12:00 Noon-2:30 PM  or 4 & 6:30 PM (City time)


Bunk Alef
Bunk Beis


Bunk Gimmel
Bunk Daled


Bunk Hey
Bunk Vov


Bunk Zayin
Bunk Ches


Bunk Tes
Bunk Yud
Bunk Yud Alef


Bunk Yud Beis
Bunk Yud Gimmel

Mail & Packages


Payments should be mailed to the camp city office
Camp City office address here


Mail & Packages may be sent to campers to the camp summer address.  NO packages will be brought from Montreal on Erev Shabbos. Camp summer mailing address here. If you live out of Canada make sure to check the USPS for mailing rates.

For campers writing letters

Stamps are available for sale in the camp canteen.  Please note that Canadian Stamps are needed to send any mail to United States.


Package Tip

If you are sending a package from the US, make sure to pay all applicable duty and taxes.  If a package comes to camp and requests duty or taxes, the package will be sent back to the sender.


Birthdays at camp are celebrated with much pomp and excitement.  On her special day we make sure that although your daughter is far from home, she feels the warmth of the Pardas Chanah family celebrating with her.  We will celebrate with a Birthday Farbrengen and provide some nosh too.  In addition, our Ruchnius Director will make sure she follows the birthday minhagim on her special day.

Some ways for a parent to make her day special

  • Send a birthday card via snail mail Make sure to send it at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Phone call Of course your daughter will be able to speak home to receive special Mazel Tov Wishes
  • Send a Birthday E-mail
  • Order a Birthday cake How? Call the bakery 514 733 5538 and leave a clear message with your phone number.
  • Make sure you filled out the Birthday form.
  • Any other ideas? E-Mail camp and share your idea with us.

Make sure you order the cake at least 3 days before delivery day to ensure that your cake comes on time.

Bas mitzvahs

Although regular birthdays are celebrated with  much excitement, obviously a bas mitzvah girl has an added achrayus.

Therefore her birthday will be celebrated too in an even greater manner.  In addition to the above, here are some things that parents have done to make their daughters day special.

As a parent you do not have to do any of the below however if you would like to enhance her special day, by all means you are welcome to do so:

  • Order extra nosh for a farbrengen (camp will usually provide some chips and soda)
  • An arts and crafts project that you would like her bunk to do with her.  It is best to send the supplies with your daughter before the start of camp.
  • Ask a speaker from Montreal to come and address the girls
  • Join her farbrengen (parents and girls only)
  • Have another idea? We will be happy to hear.

The Ruchnius director will be in touch closer to the day of the Bas Mitzvah.  Please call camp to speak and discuss with her the details of your daughters farbrengen.