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...in more than just a meal!

Meal time at Camp Pardas Chanah is more than just food.  The Dining room is the hub of the camp spirit.  Singing and Dancing accompany our meals.  Additionally, the dining room is the place where the campers learn the daily Hayom Yom, Sefer Hamitzvos and Moshiach thought of the day.  


Camp Pardas Chanah provides 3 meals a day and a daily snack.  Our meals are nutritious, fresh and most of all delicious.  Our Chef, has a reputation of making sure that our campers are satisfied and enjoy the food to it’s utmost.


A Sample weekly of Summer 2015

  • Sunday
    • French Toast
    • Fish sticks, Mashed Potatatoes
    • Meatballs & rice
    • Snack: Fresh Fruit
  • Monday
    • Oatmeal
    • Pizza and Salad
    • BBQ Chicken & Baked potatoes
    • Snack: Cookies
  • Tuesday
    • Pancakes
    • Falafel and Israeli Salad
    • Spaghetti / Meat Sauce and Garlic Break
    • Snack: Fresh Fruit
  • Wednesday
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Lasagna
    • Popcorn Chicken & Orzo
    • Snack: Cookies
  • Thursday
    • Pancakes
    • Sandwich Day
    • Hot dogs, French fries
    • Snack: Fresh Fruit
  • Friday
    • Yogurt & Granola
    • Grilled Cheese
    • Fish, Salads, Soup, Chicken, Kugel
    • Snack: Potato Kugel
  • Shabbos
    • Cake & Cereal
    • Fish, Salads, Deli, Cholent, Cold Chicken
    • Tuna, Eggs, Vegetables
    • Snack: Chips for Mesibas Shabbos

Breakfast includes Bread, Jelly, Margarine, Peanut Butter, Milk, Cold Cereal, Fruit and Hot Cocoa

Lunch includes Bread, Salad, Milk, and Soup

Dinner includes Bread, Cooked or Canned Vegetables, Soup, Condiments and Desert

Special occasion meals

There  are special occasions at camp that are celebrated with much pomp during meal time.  Some of these include, Mock Wedding, Bas Mitzvah day with Rabbi Estulin and our junior Kinus Hashluchos banquet.


Food Allergies & Intollerance

With the advent of food allergies or intolerances  rising, there are some campers with allergies or food sensitivities.  If your child is a camper with allergies or food sensitivities, make sure to inform the camp via email and put the details on your medical form.  Closer to camp our nurse will be in touch with the parents as to how we can make the best recommendations for your child.

Camp cannot responsibly take on all allergies.  These allergies or intolerances must be discussed with the camp director prior to registration.

Some Allergy Accomodations

Gluten Free

We have accommodated some campers with a gluten allergy or intolerance.  The plan will have to be decided before the start of a session. Campers under Grade 6 are not accepted to camp with a Gluten intolerance.

Milk (Lactose Intolerance)

Please send LABELED Rice dream or soy milk with your daughter.  It will be held in the camp fridge and available at meal times. Parents must inform the camp upon registration.

Camp is not Soy free

Cheese (Lactose Intolerance)

There will always be a substitute for those intolerant to cheese.  These include,  Pasta with no cheese, Cheeseless Pizza, and Tuna fish. Parents must inform the camp upon registration.

Dairy Allergy

At this time, campers with severe allergies to dairy, are not accepted to camp.

Camp is not Peanut free


DSC_1009The canteen is open every single day after lunch.  There the campers are able to purchase what they would like.

How Does Ordering Work?

  • DSCN7192At the start of the session, campers put money into the canteen. Effectively this becomes the campers bank.
  • During breakfast each day, the campers fill out their order form and submit it to the canteen.  Campers are only able to purchase 2 items a day.
  • During rest hour, campers are able to receive their canteen.
  • The campers are informed weekly as to how much money is left in their account.
    If you would like to refill your daughter’s account you may do so.  Send a Camper money .