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Health & Safety

...in prioritizing health & safety of each camper


Ensuring the health and safety of each and every camper is our utmost priority. Great care is taken to make sure that the campers are healthy and safe. Should the need arise, local Hatzola services are a 5 minute drive away from camp. Local 911 services are available in our area. A hospital is located approximately 10 minutes away from camp.

Camp Nurse

If a camper is feeling unwell or is concerned about her well being there are daily opportunities for her to see our camp nurse.  Our camp nurse will assess her and will conclude which treatment is necessary.  If your daughter is unwell for an extended period of time, the nurse will contact the parent to discuss further treatment.

Nurses Hours:

The nurse is available 3 times a day and in the case of emergency.

Nurses hours are: After Breakfast, Rest hour and after Dinner.


There are many campers that take daily medications for a variety of reasons.  Informing the camp about daily meds in advance will ensure that your daughter is cared for properly once she arrives at camp.  Prior to the start of camp, the camp nurse will call and discuss the care needed.  Confidentiality and professionalism is a key factor to your daughters health.  We hope to maintain both.

If you are sending medications to camp, please complete the medication information on your daughters dashboard.  

Please ensure that you have communicated in writing any specific directions.

Prescription Medication:

Should be clearly labled with:

Over the counter Medication:

Should be clearly labled with:

Your child’s name

The physician’s name

The name of the medication

The required dosage

All tylenol, advil, homeopathic remedies etc.  must be brought to the infirmary.

Your child’s name

The name of the medication

The required dosage

Diseases & Infections

Children who live in close contact with one another are particularly susceptible to catching head lice . Some information on head lice.

Some children are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites and will be treated at camp.


The head louse is a tiny insect that lives and breeds on human heads. Head lice is a common problem among school age children and can occasionally make an appearance at Camp.

Camp Pardas Chanah Lice Protocol

Campers are checked for lice upon their arrival to camp.  If lice is found on a camper, she will be separated from her bunk and cleaned out properly before being allowed to join the campers again.  See our lice policy.  In the middle of the month, there will be another lice check (most likely after visiting day). Should lice be found the nurse will supervise the cleaning of the hair and  take proper steps to avoid an outbreak.  Of course, all this is done in a sensitive manner.

Medical Insurance

All campers receive the same quality of health care at camp. The way in which billing is made may vary from camper to camper depending on their province, state, or country of residence.

Who Needs it?

Each and every camper will need medical insurance in order to attend camp. (Prepared for Camp).

Why do I need it?

This insurance should provide coverage for the camper in the case of her needing to see a Dr. or in the case of an emergency.

Where can I purchase travel medical insurance?

This insurance can be bought at your travel agency, online or you can call Noach Heiman and purchase through him.  718-387 2114 

What is the billing process in the case of a Dr or Emergency room visit?

If your child will need to see a Dr. during her stay at camp or your child will need to visit the emergency room or have a prolonged hospital stay the following protocol will be followed.

  • The parent will be called for Credit card information to cover the visit
  • The parent will be in contact with their insurance informing them of the visit
  • The camp will send the parent all necessary bills or paperwork and they will in turn request it from their insurance.
  • There may be cases where a parent can call their insurance and the insurance will be in contact with the hospital immediately, and allowing for immediate payment from the insurance company.
  • The parent will be called for Credit card information to cover the visit
  • The camp will send the parent all necessary bills or paperwork and they will in turn request it from their insurance.
  • Any expenses made on behalf of a camper from Canada will be covered by their local Medicare , OHip or other govt insurance.  However a parent will have to cover the visit and then claim it from their insurance.
  • There are occasions where a hospital will take the Health insurance card number of a camper and deal with collecting from the province the camper is from themselves.


The campers Quebec insurance card provided with her medical form will be sufficient for any Dr or hospital visits.

Dental Work

If a child will need dental work in camp we will be in touch with a dentist in Montreal.

The protocol is as follows.

  • If the camper is from Montreal:
    • The parent will be asked to make dental arrangements and pick up from camp.
  • If the camper is from out of Montreal:
    • The camper will be driven into the city, brought to the dentist and treated.
    • The parent will need to cover payments for the dental work and ride to the city.


Should an emergency arise, the camp will consult with local Hatzolah and the decision will be made if the child should be brought into the city (Montreal) for treatment or if they should be treated at the local hospital.  Should the camper be from Montreal, the parent will be called to consult (depending on the severity of the emergency)

Sun Safety

Campers are encouraged to watch for watch for their sun safety by following these guidelines. They are encouraged to:

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Wear a Sun Hat

Put on Sun Screen

Stay in the shade

When at the pool – wear a bathing shirt


If your daughter has any type of allergies the camp must be informed about them prior to her arrival at camp.  Since no two allergies are the same, the camp will set up a protocol with the parent based on her type of allergy prior to the start of a session.

Food Sensitivities or Allergies

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Other Allergies

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