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Packing Information

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Packing for camp is an exciting time for your child.  Equipping your child with what she needs will ensure her smooth stay at camp. Packing with your daughter is suggested so that she clearly knows what she has and where to find everything.

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Packing List


 6 skirts (no slits)

 8-10 tops

 12 sets of underwear

15 pairs of tights

 3 nightgowns (1 warm)

  3 shabbos dresses/outfits (washable)

 1 warm jacket

 2 heavy sweaters

 1 raincoat

1 pair sneakers

1 pair of rain boots

1 pair bathing shoes or slippers

1 pair shabbos shoes

 2 Bathing Suits

 1 Swim dress

 2 bathing caps

 1 bathrobe

 Spare pair of glasses and glasses string



 2 sets of linen

 1 pillow

1 warm blanket

 1 sleeping bag 

1 brush

Shampoo and soap

Face Wash

Feminine hygiene products

1 toothbrush with toothpaste

 1 Nail Clipper or Nail Scissor

1 box of tissues

4 towels

2 hand towels


 1 flashlight

 12 hangers

 1 insect repellent

 1 Sunscreen

 1 cap

 1 Chitas

 1 laundry bag

 3 sock bag

 1 reusable water bottle

 Postcards, stationary, Pens & pencils Books, game

 Passport or Birth Certificate (if travelling from the US)

 Letter of consent from parents (if travelling from the us)

 Canteen $ in a separate envelope with camper name.

 Ziplock bags (if camper does not travel well bags for motion sickness to be kept in carry on bag.


Luggage Tip

Soft duffles with wheels are  the optimal way to pack your daughter.  They are lightweight, rugged and easier to transport than heavy trunks or suitcase.  They also allow for easy storage at camp. 


The song “It never rains in PC” is sung with gusto on the rainiest of days by those well equipped with raincoats, and rain boots.  Indeed, camp goes on and our rain equipment helps us make sure that the rain does not put a “damper” on our day.






Which swimwear do I need for the swimming pool

  • A Regular bathing suit  is best for the pool. Rash guards may  be used on top of a regular bathing suit. Two piece bathing suits are not permitted.
  • Extra equipment for swimming comfort may be used such as goggles,  and  water slippers are a plus.
  • It is advisable for your daughter to have 1 or 2 lightweight bathrobes that can be worn on top of her bathing suits so her commute to the pool is comfortable.

Why would I need a swim dress?

Water water every where – Many times, our campers enjoy water sports outside of the pool area; whether it is a planned water day, kayaking or our water park trip.  Camp Pardas Chanah is strongly suggesting that campers come to camp with a swim dress.  The fabric made from material similar to a bathing suit dries quickly.

Click here for vendor basiconlinecolors that sell swim dresses online at a very reasonable price.   Stores in Crown Heights carry this product as well as well as some factory outlets in Montreal.


A message from your director who is also a parent:

As a parent…

I’ve been sending my children to camp for years and have  been constantly frustrated with  labels that don’t stay on their clothing. A few summers ago,  I came across “IdentaMe Labels”.  They’re easy to apply  and they actually work. In addition I’ve  used them to label my out- of- town childrens clothing and possessions throughout the year.

As a director…

The amount of lost clothing and possessions every summer is staggering. I would love that each item makes its way back home.  Most of the lost and found items  were either missing labels or the labels had fallen off. My personal experience made me realize that I can change the amount of lost and found at the end of the summer with “IdentaMe Labels”.

I spoke with the owner at “IdentaMe Labels” and we set up a vendors & discount code.  If you buy labels from them , during checkout enter “CAMPPC” in the Referral Code box and you will receive a 5% discount.  IdentaMe will donate 10% of your purchase to Camp Pardas Chanah.

Click here for “IdentaMe labels” and the stuff you send to camp, will likely come home!


Our laundry service is located off camp grounds. Every Monday morning the laundry is picked up, and returned by Wednesday morning. Each bunk divides their laundry together into dark, whites, towels and linen. Bunks are given special laundry bags with their bunk name on it.  Laundry is washed and returned folded.

It is a good idea for your child to come to camp with 2 or 3 sockbags.  In them, she can put both her socks and her underwear.  If she has 2 or 3 bags they are less likely to be overfull and will wash properly.

It is important for your daughter to have enough clothing to last through 8 days of camp.  

Note: Laundry is done 3 times a session.  Most of the clothing being brought home will need to be washed upon return from camp.
Labels labels labels are important so that in  case your daughters laundry gets mixed up with another bunk, the proper owner is found quickly.


Camp Pardas Chanah Vendor Ad

Esteez will donate 10 % of your purchases to Camp Pardas Chanah!
Support our camp by clicking the photo above.
Thank you Annette & team for making this happen.

IdentaMeLabels will donate 10% of your purchases to Camp Pardas Chanah and give you a 5% discount, when you  enter “CAMPPC” in the Referral Code box.
Thank you April & team for making this happen.