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Camper Policies

...in guidelines


Ensuring a smooth and happy summer for each camper comes along with responsibility.  Camp is a community and each person at camp is a contributing member to our camp community.  Therefore, policies have been put in place to create a growing, Yiddishe, Chassidishe healthy environment within the guidelines of  our values and vision.


Tznius is one of the foundations on which our camp stands.   What the camper brings to camp in terms of clothing and personal property will need to reflect the camp vision.  As we spend the summer together with your daughters all aspects of tznius, in Machshava, Dibbur & Maaseh will be enforced.

Bring to Camp

Skirts that are long enough to cover the knee even when sitting

Tights will ensure that legs are covered at all times.

T shirts and blouses should cover the collarbone and elbows

Tip. many times, stretched out t-shirts fall too low, it is advisable to either fix those old t’s or leave them at home.

Swim suits should be one piece

If you would like, you may send rashguards but they will need to go on top of the a one peice bathing suit.

Nightwear – Nightgowns are “in “ at Camp Pardas Chanah

All Campers are expected to wear nightgowns in camp.

Leave at home

No Two Peice Bathing Suits

Skirts with slits


Make up

Tight Clothing

Nail polish

Books or comics with secular content


See music below


See electronic policy below

Book Policy

Although there is not much relaxation time, there are those that prefer to spend a quiet rest hour reading books.

  • Your daughter can bring books with Jewish content by frum authors.
  • They may also bring Jewish content magazines.
  • Any item that is deemed inappropriate with camp policy will be confiscated.


Camp Pardas Chanah, has a lending  library of books.  The library is open every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Shabbos


The music played in camp is one that follows the guidelines of a chassidishe environment.  As campers come to camp, we aim to have a pure environment across the board for everyone.  Campers may come to camp with many different types of music on their players, therefor camp has made the decision that all MP3 players and ipods, are to be held by the camp (in the safe) and will be returned at the end of the summer.

MP3 Rentals

We do realize, that some campers feel the need to relax with music , therefor, we have purchased MP3 players that are available for rent at the camp  office.  On these MP3 players, there will be camp approved music available.


Cost of MP3 Rentals

Per Day: $2.00
Per 2 days: $4.00
Earphones: included

Late, Lost or Broken MP3s

Late return: will be subject to a  fine- $1.00 extra per day
Lost Mp3’s: will be subject to purchase cost to replace the player – $30.00

Broken MP3’s: will be subject to a fine- $15.00


Plug OUT!  All year long our children are surrounded by technology.  From computers, to cell phones and tablets and everything in between.  We aim to keep the technology out of camp, thereby giving the campers a wholesome camp environment where they can plug out of the daily grind and plug into all the learning, activities & trips that camp has to offer.

Camp is a screen free environment.

Do not bring:

  • Cellphones
  • iPod
  • iTouch
  • MP3 players
  • Radios
  • Computers
  • PSP’s

If any of the above items are brought to camp, they will be confiscated.

Digital cameras

Small, lightweight and inexpensive digital cameras are allowed, along with their chargers and preferably waterproof cases.

Fire Hazard

Toasters, sandwich makers, refrigerators are not permitted at camp

Lice Policy

All parents must have their children checked and, if necessary, treated for head lice before the beginning of camp. All campers will be checked upon arrival.  If your child had lice prior to the start of camp, please let the camp know.  We will remind your daughter to comb daily and have an extra eye out for her.  There will be a $150.00 minimum charge for the treatment of a child found with head lice.  Please make sure to take care of this important issue in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment for your child. Refer to the Health and Safety section for more about head lice.

Phone Policy

Campers will be allowed to call home once a week according to a bunk rotation schedule.  The rotation schedule will begin on the first Sunday of the session.

For schedule, times and phone information refer to our Keep in Touch sections of the guidebook.

Visitor Policy

Camp Pardas Chanah has made the decision to cancel visiting day .
We ask parents to respect and uphold our policy and refrain from visiting  or taking your daughter off camp grounds during the month that she is in camp.
Even if you may be in the vicinity of camp, we will strongly uphold our policy and no permission for the above will be given.
We thank you for your understanding.

Package Policy

You may send packages to your daughter while at camp.  Mail it to the camp summer address .

There will be no packages picked up from Montreal on Fridays.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

Email Policy

Directors E-mail Address &. Financial Arrangements: admin@camppc.com

Campers can be emailed directly from the camp website only: camper contact page.  Please limit emails to three times a week.  Excessive e-mails to campers are automatically deleted from the system.  Campers will be able to respond to their E-mails by regular mail.

Property Damaged Policy

Property Damaged: Campers are responsible monetarily for any damages done to camp property.

Raiding: Raiding other campers, counselors, staff or property results in immediate dismissal from camp.

Bunk Divisions

Bunking is important for the camp and campers alike.  It is important for camp life and important to your daughters happiness.

When the bunks are divided, prior to the start of the session, this is what the camp will be looking at.

Cabin Mate Requests

Bunk Dynamics

Previous Experiences

Cabin mate requests are important so that your child feels she is comfortable with at least one camper in her bunk.

Part of making bunk divisions, is ensuring an even balance of campers.  We strongly believe, that camp is a great time for children to make friends outside of their regular circle, therefore if there is a group of girls coming from one class many times this group will be divided.

Camp will need at least 3 cabinmate requests to honor at least one. All requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the session. No requests will be honored after this time. No bunk switches will be made

If the camp has had a previous experience with particular campers being bunked together and the results were not optimal, we reserve the right to separate the would be campers even if it was their only cabin mate request

Should a parent make a request that their child not to be with a specific camper, camp will make every effort to honor the request.  If we have difficulty with the request we will contact the parent to understand the nature of the request.


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