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Leadership team

...in creating leadership

We value leadership and teamwork!! Our fabulous group of staff come to camp with the experience and the know how of how to give the campers a summer of growth, friendship, yiddishkeit &  chassidishkeit.  Year round, the focus is how to create a camp team where we work together, achieving our goals for a super  summer experience for campers and staff alike.

The Rebbe

” Every person is expected to become a ‘ruler’ over his surroundings – to make it a proper dwelling place for G-d. At first, a person is ruler only over himself. Later, he becomes ‘ruler’ and leader of his family. Then he goes on to become a leader in his community and so on. At each stage he must accustom himself to place the new majority’s needs before the previous “individual’s” needs.

We see this also with my father-in-law, the Rebbe: When he became leader of Chabad-Lubavitch, he concerned himself with the needs of every Jew, without exception. He worked tirelessly, giving up vast amounts of time from his own personal Torah study, in order to help Jews of all backgrounds, and to ensure that every Jewish child would receive a solid Jewish education.

“His children must continue his life.” We must seek out the common good of all Jews, without exception. And ultimately, this will benefit the individual, as well.” 10 Shevat 5735

Rabbi Avrohom & Dinie Gurary

Rabbi Avrohom & Dinie Gurary are the directors of Camp Pardas Chanah.