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Grades 3-6

Start your child’s camping experience off right. In a warm and nurturing atmosphere your daughter will have the opportunity to grow and shine. Her devoted and loving counselors look forward to ensuring that she is cared for physically and emotionally.
The “Pardas Chanah family” will provide an exciting summer with a warm, Chassidishe outlook that will inspire them for a lifetime. Some of the exciting activities your daughter will experience: Swimming, Art, Electives, Sports, Learning, Trips,Special

Bas Mitzvah Division

Grade 6

What a special way to celebrate this important milestone – 12 years old – a turning point in your daughters’ life. The Bas Mitzvah age campers will have the opportunity to experience a host of super activities, sports, electives, special events and trips geared to their age and interests. Our caring and capable staff will give our campers the opportunity to use their potential and help them grow in all aspects. Special emphasis will be placed on learning some of the Rebbe’s sichos about the extra benefit of being a “Bas Mitzvah”.

VIP Division

Grade 7

The 7th grade year is an important one in a young adults life. The Pardas Chanah Family caters to their growing and maturing minds with special activities focusing on team building and encouraging their growth and self esteem. Electives such as music, drama, sports, art and aerobics are designed to ensure a fun filled environment. Fantastic trips such as water tubing and rope courses are some of the extras this group can anticipate. Farbrengens and discussions with our dedicated team of Chassidishe staff members will provide just the right atmosphere for the growing teen.

CIT Division

Grade 8

Each and every camper dreams of reaching the unique 8th Grade teen program. They look forward to being the oldest group at camp. Their schedule differs in many ways and their trips, activities and electives, take on an entirely new level of excitement and stimulation. They will enjoy trips such as white water rafting, mountain climbing and our famous “Shlichus trip”. Chasidishe role models, Farbrengens, “Ask the Rabbi” sessions, are all part of the growth that our teen campers will experience.