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Registration Opens Sunday 19 Teves – January 3

Camp Pardas Chanah is excited to advise you of our commitment to open camp this summer in the Eastern United States due to the uncertainty with the borders. A final location is not yet confirmed and we are in the midst of negotiations on a few properties. We will update you as we sign on a property B’ezras Hashem.

As always, Camp Pardas Chanah stands at the forefront in all areas of camping. We are happy to let you know that we BH already have our Head Counselors and moving along with a superb group of Head Staff and counselors. Our commitment to growing Chassidishe campers remains our focus along with the emotional and physical care that Camp Pardas Chanah is known for. As always, we will give our campers the stability, love, and inspiration they need, especially after this difficult year.

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