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Overnight Camp Directors Join to Postpone Staff Hiring for the Summer

Overnight Camp Directors Join to Postpone Staff Hiring for the Summer

The school year has begun in earnest and the air is just emerging with winter frost. As many students are just beginning to navigate the academic and social complexities of the school year ahead, conversations of summer plans are somehow on the table, just weeks after the conclusion of the previous summer.

For seminary girls and high school students, planning the summer so early in the year often causes stress, peer pressure, and even broken friendships. It may create a hindrance to important learning and impede opportunities for growth during the year.

We camp directors understand that inasmuch as we would love to have our staff hired as early as possible, it is detrimental for our girls. Our position in Chinuch, albeit different than schools, shares the same goal. We are here to care for our girls and strengthen their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishe Chinuch. In camp, many who do not thrive during the year are given the opportunity to shine and succeed in ways never imagined. These goals go hand in hand with the emotional and social growth of all who walk through our doors.

With this in mind, we camp directors met and took the first step by deciding to collectively postpone the date of summer hiring for our head staff and counselors. We would like our girls to light the Chanuka Menorah and enjoy the energy of Kislev without the worry of their summer plans and everything that comes along with that.

Head staff hiring this year will not take place before 24 Teves (December 28) and counselor applications will open Rosh Chodesh Shevat (January 3). We hope that all day camps will join and follow this schedule so we can streamline our staff hiring across the board and allow our girls to be present during the beginning of their school/seminary year.

Calo Firtell
Camp Chaya 

Mrs. CM Rivkin
Camp Chomeish

Mrs. Simi Shemtov
Camp Gan Yisroel Detroit

Mrs. Shira Wajsbort
Camp Gan Yisroel Florida

Mrs. Goldy Grossbaum
Camp Gan Yisroel Toronto

Malka Aisenbach and Mrs. Geula Gniwisch
Camp Gan Yisroel United 

Mrs.Tzipi Lipsker
Camp Grow

Mrs. Dinie Gurary
Camp Pardas Chanah

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