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Pardas Chanah relocates for Summer 2021-5781

We are so excited to share the news that Camp Pardas Chanah will be relocating this summer to YKK, in Kingston NY.

We will make Summer 5781Celebrating 50 Years a summer to remember! To join our  50-year initiatives – click here

Camp YKK includes many beautiful amenities and is the perfect place for our campers.  The camp boasts beautiful playing fields, a large pool, a cozy lake, and many indoor spaces to accommodate our every growing elective & art program.    This year, we will be launching “SHABAM – LET’S MOVE” sports program.  What better way to do so, on these beautiful campgrounds.

Looking forward to seeing our smiling face campers!!



Mushky Korf & Chana Reiter

Tzivi Feldman & Chana Piekarski

Our HC’s are already hard at work preparing for a superb summer.




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