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Pardas Chanah Sings


50 Years of Pardas Chanah!

Be a part of our 50 Year “Pardas Chanah Sings” Production!

How to join:

  1. Make up a song
  2. Submit your song
  3. Win & Join our Pardas Chanah 50 year Playlist


Who can join – Anyone. Alumni, Staff, Campers
What type of song are you looking for?  The songs can be joyful camp songs that we can dance with PC Spirit, or Alma Matters – Slow songs about Pardas Chanah that warm our hearts.
What type of tunes can we use?  Choose a niggun for added points. Compose your own tune for added points
When is the song due?  Submissions are due by Purim.
Can I submit my song with a friend?  Sure you can.  You can partner up with a friend or friends, or do it on your own.  You choose.
How to submit my song?  Submit your song in writing and a recording to alumni@camppc.com

How will the songs be judged?  How do we choose a winner?
1. Panel A of Judges will choose 25 top entries
2. Panel B of judges will choose 5 entries from the top 25
3. Panel C of judges will choose 2 entries as the winner

The winners will join our recordings of their song and be part of the 50 Year playlist!


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