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Fascinating, Gratifying, Overwhelming…just WOW

Wow! The day is yet young and the passion that Pardas Chanah seems to generate is “Fascinating, Gratifying, Overwhelming…just WOW!”

The excitement of parents and campers alike is palpable.

Preparing for camp for the summer begins early.  We were especially excited to launch our new website for this summer.

Shout out to Shainy Eidelman & her unbelievable team at Click Consulting for creating our beautiful new website.  We will continue to update and add information throughout the year.

As you all may be aware, camp is not large in size and fitting in all the campers that are enrolled is impossible.   We will do our best to have answers for you within the month and we ask that you bear with us as we process through the enrolled campers.  We do our best to be fair and review each application carefully.

Wishing you all much Hatzlocha Rabba!

Rabbi & Mrs Gurary



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