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Our Grand Hakhel Reunion Update & Hachlota Reminders

HAKHELAt 5:30 pm on Yud Ches Shevat the doors to Lubavitcher Yeshivah hall flew open and over 250 excited PC campers and staff came pouring in. The energy and excitement in the room was felt by everyone there. Girls from both 1st and 2nd month summer 5775 joined together with amazing achdus in the spirit of hakhel. 1 girl from each month spoke about their camp experience continuing through the year as well as the meaning of a hakhel year. We then moved on to a beautiful hachlata auction with fantastic prizes. We are so proud of each winner and hope that they can keep that hachlata going.
Make sure to keep up your hachlotas and a special reminder to do the hakhel challenge and email a picture and info about your hakhel to PcHakhel76@gmail.com .

The singing that transported us right back to the benches of our dear PC lunchroom, was beautiful and it felt as if we were back in camp.
To ensure that we really felt back in camp we watched a flashback video of camp 5775 where each girl got to cheer for her bunk and remember all the aweosme times we shared together!!
To end off this awesome evening each girl got a pair of PC gloves to bring the warmth of Pardas Chanah with her through the winter.
Thank you every girl who came to participate it was so exciting to be able to see each one of you again. Your chayus blew our minds 🙂
Thank you to our incredible director Mrs. Gurary for putting in so much time and effort making sure that our camp reunion was the best it could be.
We miss everyone already 🙂

Love, Chaya, Mushka, Mushka, and Mushka

Our Hachlotos were as follows

Extra Kavanah during one paragraph of Davening
Learn a letter of the Rebbe
Learn Sefer Hamitzvos
Light Shabbos candles at least 5 minutes early
Chitas – say either Hayom Yom or pesukim of Chumash
Say an extra yom on shabbos Mevorchim
Extra careful in one area of tznius
Go out of your way for another Yid
Arrange a Hakhel with torah, Tefillah and Tzedakah

Winners for the Hachlota Auction

Menucha Rubashkin
Chana Piekarski
Baila Gourarie
Minnie Reinitz
Draizy Raskin
Mushka Laufer
Menucha Albakurk
Devory Glick
Chani shield
Faigy Karasik


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