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1st week in Pardas Chanah!


Dear Mommy,

I am super excited to be sending out my very 1st camp update email of Pardas Chanah 1st session 5776!

B”H camps off to a great start. As I got off the bus on Wednesday afternoon the chayus and excitement in camp was palpable. After finding out my bunk and counselors we headed for supper with singing, cheering and of course great food from our awesome camp chef Mr. Brown. I then went with my bunkmates & friends to unpack and get to know our counselors and new bunkmates.

Thursday, army day, began bright and early with our very first shachris followed by breakfast and our theme breakout. This year’s theme is “Actionators” on the front line! The Rebbe explains that the purpose of Hakhel is V’Shomru La’asos- We will be learning different tactics to fight the Yetzer Hara and use them to win the war of Golus.
We the campers are the Frontline Soldiers and have this responsibility; throughout the summer, we will be learning how.”

While CIT’s went on their first trip of the month, to Passe Montagen mountain climbing, and the rest of us had electives, swimming, obstacle courses and tons more!! We then met SPONGIE AND BONGIE at night activity! They’re the coolest J

Today ,Friday is “is it Shabbos Yet” theme day. SOOO we got ready for Shabbos with Challah baking for the CIT’s, kugel making, and special spa treatments with cucumbers and mud facials (and of course we smushed it all over our counselors face) . We are now getting ready for Shabbos in Pardas Chanah is gevaldig!!

I can’t wait to spend the next smashing 3 weeks in Camp Pardas Chanah!

Missing you but having a great time!

Love, your daughter


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