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An uplifting Shabbos in Pardas Chanah

IMG_2508Dear Mommy,
I experienced a very special Shabbos in Pardas Chanah, and I would like to tell you all about it. The entire week leading up to Shabbos, Gimmel Tamuz, we the campers prepared with a special hachona prepared by our Head Counselors. On Erev Shabbos, the shul was decorated in a beautiful way as we campers joined together for a meaningful Shabbos. We started our Shabbos, with a special Gimmel Tamuz schedule. After Licht Bentchen the singing in the shul reached special heights with Kabolas Shabbos and stories of the Rebbe. The Shabbos meal was uplifting, inspiring with Chassidishe niggunim and special songs about the longing to see our Rebbe with us. We then split into two groups, for a Farbrengen. Bunks alef through yud Alef joined Shaina Dubov our Ruchnius director and farbrenged together until 1:30 in the morning. The second group was led by Rabbi Wenger who farbrenged with the CIT’s Waitresses and were joined later by staff. The farbrengen lasted until 2:45 AM.
In the morning, I woke up early to join my friends with Chassidus before before breakfast and then went to daven. We davenned with our hearts and souls and then joined together for a powerful shabbos meal. After an inspiring round of singing, Mrs. Gurary told us of her personal experiences at hakafos with the Rebbe ending the meal with the Hakofa Niggun and a grand Lchaim.
After optional Pirkei Avos learning and a brief rest hour we joined together to hear a fascinating shiur with Rabbi Wenger. After that there was a change in the regular schedule. Each of us campers chose a number out of a hat, and joined 15 different workshops that were led by our head staff. It was fun to be grouped with campers of all ages and the workshop was inspiring & interesting.
After Mincha & Pirkei Avos we joined together for Shalosh Seudos in the dining room and seder niggunim followed by havdolla.
The night had only begun. After Havdola and Vayiten Lecha we joined together in the shul to watch a beautiful video for Gimmel Tamuz. After that we were introduced to an amazing Hachlota Auction. There were great prizes to be won and amazing hachlotas to take on. The choosing and applauding the winners exciting, but equally special were the hachlotos that we as campers took upon ourselves on this special day. We are all winners. The last prize would be a dollar of the Rebbe for whoever participated in 5 out of 7 days of the Gimmel Tamuz Hachona. A short video was played showing how people received dollars from the Rebbe. The room was pin drop silence as Mrs. Gurary held a dollar that she received from the Rebbe. Mrs. Gurary then told us about Neila with the Rebbe and we all sang and danced to Napoleans March asking the Rebbe to make us victorious in our fight to bring Moshiach. We then held the raffle for the dollar of the Rebbe which was won by a camper in bunk Daled – Liba Kreisman.
Upon finishing the auction another video was shown about visiting the ohel. The video was accompanied with a song and all the campers joined together. At that point, the campers were ready to right their own “Pan”. We then went to the dining room where there were pens and papers prepared for us. A nigun played softly in the background as all the campers sat down to write a “Pan” to the Rebbe. Many of us had tears rolling down our faces as we expressed to the Rebbe our deepest hopes, wishes and demands to bring Moshiach now.
We are READY! Ad Mosai! Bring us Moshiach with the Rebbe B’Rosheinu now!!

Love, Your daughter
PS Our Head counselors are incredible. They put so much work into creating the meaningful Shabbos it was.

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