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Color war breakout in Pardas Chanah

IMG_3700What a surprising turn of events at Pardas Chanah. We would never have imagined this. After spending a beautiful day at the water park we thought that we would have a calm regular day. However, everything is unusual in Camp Pardas Chanah. We were told to come to Mincha in our beautiful “Actionator” caps. Today’s agenda was preparing for the Global Yud Beis Tamuz Rally happening next week. Each camp will have a representative saying a Pasuk. Our head counselors had the entire camp put in the formation of the words PC Tzivos Hashem. At that point we would have our representative say a Pasuk, with the rest of the camp answering. As we perfected our formations down on earth, we spotted a helicopter in the sky which surprisingly seemed to head for the grounds of Camp Pardas Chanah. Imagine our surprise when out of the helicopter popped Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum from Tzivos Hashem headquarters. Rabbi Shimmy led the camp in a rally, with the Tzivos Hashem generals, lieutenants, seargeants leading the Pesukim. 3 lucky campers had the privilege of getting a helicopter ride. Rochel Cheruty – highest ranking general in Tzivos Hashem, Bas Mitzvah girl Chayale Groner, and one chosen camper by the Head Counselors – Devorah Leah Halberstam rode away in the helicopter as Rabbi Shimmy prepared the campers for their mission, asking them if they are ready to fight with all their might, and have COLOR WAR!!
Heard from campers… “This was the best color war breakout in Pardas Chanah ever!!”
Staff & campers had a busy day yesterday planning and executing a beautiful color war. Team names were Tayere Rebbe & Meine Chassidim, an inspirational color war that focused on the girls hiskashrus to the Rebbe.
Looking forward to more excitement.
View the pictures for more about this exciting day.

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