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Week 2 at Camp Pardas Chanah


Has it really been another whole week in Camp Pardas Chanah? We can’t believe how quickly that flew.

Sunday began another smashing week with international day. Each bunk dressed as a different country and our international day fair was a hit. We ended the day with a shluchos banquet and roll call. BH we have campers from all over the world!

Monday – trip day. From bowling and the park or alpine slides for younger division and 45 degrees north for older division. This trip had the girls climbing and hiking through obstacles and going lechatchila ariber physically. The activities and hike tested the girls endurance. Many campers made it, all the way until the end!

Wacky Water Wednesday Kidding! It’s Tuesday was the announcement camp woke up to bright N early Tuesday morning. There were plenty of splishy splashy water activities which commenced into a huge water fight! Different electives, sports, kayaking, and a bowling trip for CIT’s created another great day in camp 🙂

And of course what would camp be without…. MOCK WEDDING?! Wednesday camp was under major construction as each bunk decorated a different area of camp for the wedding of the summer. Each bunk came in beautiful costumes almost fit for a real wedding. We had a chuppah, seudah and simchas chasson vkallah.

” A smile is a curve that sets things straight” that’s what was written on our Thursday Simcha Smiley Day Schedule. In order to keep that smile going they made smiley stress balls, laffy taffy color by number pictures, and Smiley face cookies. Our 7th & 8th graders spent the day at Mont Tremblant where they had a stupendous day and came back in the smiley day spirit with smiles written all over their faces.

And finally, fishy frizzy frecktail friday. Everyone looks adorable walking around with their hairdos and freckles, while they had electives, challah baking and prep for shabbos.

For the past week the camper’s of Camp Pardas Chanah have been preparing themselves for Gimmel Tamuz. We have a special Shabbos prepared for Camp Pardas Chanah, focused on Hiskashrus. May we dance to Geula with the Rebbe B’rosheinu this Shabbos!

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