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Waitress Applications are open Now!

Waitress Applications are open for entry now.  The application period will be for 3 days.  January 15-18.
Some things applicants should be aware of.

Waitresses are considered part of our staff.  Since we clearly choose staff that have the proper values in the areas of Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit and Tznius, so too our waitresses will be accepted with these criteria in mind.

  1. Behaviour as a camper at Camp Pardas Chanah (e.g. followed rules, was on time to camp programs and activities, exhibited frum and chassidishe behavior, Tzniusdik without compromise, was a positive and happy camper etc)
  2. Previously a camper at Camp Pardas Chanah – If Criteria A was met. We have allotted spaces for campers that have been to camp before. A Goirel will be drawn and spaces will be given according to a criteria.  They will be outlined in an email that will be sent in the following few weeks.
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