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Another fantastic week at Pardas Chanah

What a week!  Wow!
We never stop! Amazing days one after one.  Our fantastic activity director Mimi Blasberg makes sure that activities are always fun at Pardas Chanah.  We cannot get enough of them.  We are busy day through night running from one thing until the next.  From swimming, Kayaking, Rope coursing, and making slime of course:) Each day brought more excitement than the next.  Of course, lets not forget our superb grade trips of the week.  Bowling, Mission laser, Gym X, Clip n Climb and Mission Liberty.  The fun times do not stop!
Our Ruchnius director CM Potash introduced us this week to our fantastic Whats UP missions.  We are busily UPPING our day B’Ruchnius. We cannot wait to win those fantastic charms for our bracelets. Of course, our daily Tzivos Hashem & learning with Rabbi Wenger is always a daily treat.
Our Hachona for Gimmel Tammuz started on Sunday with our campers preparing, learning, watching videos of the Rebbe and taking on Hachlotos.  Friday dawned, as our Hachona reached the point of writing to the Rebbe.  Camp Pardas Chanah was ready to greet Shabbos a full hour early.  In our Shabbos clothing, we came down to the shul and watched a video of the Rebbe and wrote our Pan.  Directly after that, we lit candles and joined into singing outside under the tent.  Bunk Vov sang a choir and taught a beautiful song composed by counselor Daniella Traurig, called Ibergegeben.  We sang, davenned, ate Seudas Shabbos and Farbrenged late into the night.  Shabbos day dawned.  Our davenning took on additional meaning.  Ritzoneinu liros es Malkeinu! Our Shabbos meal continued our Farbrengen as we said Lchaim and bentched each other with not only Gashmius but growing B’Ruchnius too.
After the Shabbos meal, a spontaneous Farbrengen took place with Rabbi Wenger where staff and campers joined and listened. Rabbi Wenger farbrenged and discussed, we delved deeply into the meaning of a chossid and hiskashrus to the Rebbe.
Shabbos ended with Seder Niggunim.  Our program continued late into the night where our campers completed their Hachona Booklet and then joined into a fantastic Hachlota auction.  After a day spent saturated with learning, farbrenging and hiskashrus, we were ready to take on special hachlotos. The winners won special PC swag and super prizes.  Our auction ended in the highlight of the evening. Every camper and staff member at camp were a part of the raffle.  Mrs. Gurary donated a dollar that she received from the Rebbe.  The lucky winner was Mussia Zwiebel!
As we start a new week.  We are stronger, and even more ready for Moshiach!! How much more ready do we need to be! Ad Mosai! Camp Pardas Chanah is ready to March!

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