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Welcome to Camp Pardas Chanah

buses rolling in...Our campers hopped, skipped and jumped into camp with enthusiastic smiles and much joy.  New campers and old alike have counted the days to join the Pardas Chanah family.  The energy and excitement is palpable.  Each day brings another super moment.  On Thursday, We Are Live day, Our campers were introduced to the camp theme and are living every moment as a Yid and a Chossid.  Our superb head counselors Mushka Osdoba & Mushka Reiter introduced our theme in a most spectacular way.  Our CIT program took off with a splash with our Teen Program Directors Chani Greenfeld and Chanie Feldman.

Friday dawned with a super carnival and getting ready for a most beautiful Shabbos at Camp Pardas Chanah.  Shabbos is the highlight in camp from the beautiful Friday night singing to Farbrengen on our Shabbos theme – We are Live- as we explored how Chassidishkeit makes our Yiddishkeit alive.  Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim had a whopping amount of campers and many finished the entire Tehillim.  The davenning at camp was a sight to behold.  The campers tefilos are shaking the heavens.  Shabbos ended with a beautiful seder niggunim.  Bunks Hey and Yud were Shabbos competition winners and enjoyed a fantastic Sunday trip to Dollarama.

Sunday Morning – LIGHTS day- Making our week bright and light we began with a special Hachona for Gimmel Tammuz which will culminate into a beautiful program for Gimmel Tammuz next week.  What a super day, with swimming, rope coursing, emoji pillows and more.

Monday – we are off on our trips! Bowling, laser tag, Clip and climb, Gym X , and escape room are some of the trips our campers are joining.

More fun and excitement coming!

Our first photo album is up and running! https://www.camppc.com/photos/

More to come!!

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