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Today – We should Have – Next Year will be Double…

Today should have been the first day of camp Summer season 5780 Tof Shin Pey. It’s hard for me to fathom that I am not in camp. I am sitting behind my desk in my office. It’s a regular day.

I think back to last year and where I would be now.
It’s D Day. The campers are arriving at camp in a few hours. So many last-minute details to take care of. Many heart-stopping moments. It’s all a jumble. I know the drill. Expect the unexpected. In camp… Anything can happen. Bus issues, where are they up to? Flights, delayed. Luggage… help! Let it not rain. The sky is dark. Bunk re-assignment, last-minute changes. Staff training and reminders. Head counselors- last minute meet and reviews. Fix those hot water tanks. A pipe has burst. Missing a bunk bed in bunk K. The rush is on. The adrenaline is pumping… soon; The campers are arriving. Get the music going. Greet them like long lost friends, hugs. Shouts. Excitement. Anticipation. A roar! The buses are here. From where? Montreal campers have arrived. Welcome, let’s dance. We are finally here. Time passes. Another shout, the excitement is palpable. The NY buses have arrived; the flying campers have arrived. The joy, the energy, the love, the eagerness, the anticipation. All together as one. They are here. All year, we dreamed of this moment. All year we planned. Tears of relief mingle with tears of joy. Also wonderment. What will happen this summer? Where will our challenges lie? What is in store for us. We are not to know. The only thing we do know… Camp directors, expect the unexpected. In control, with calm, focused, positive, good words for all, message strong, a lot of care, a lot of love, and a lot of unexpected.
Yes, unexpected. This year. Camp Pardas Chanah… Experiencing the unexpected. Not the heart-stopping adrenaline rush type, just the sit in your chair type. The unforeseen, unpredicted summer. The summer that isn’t. The summer that should have been 49 years of Pardas Chanah.
Numbness overcomes. Is this really what will be? Is this really the plan for this summer? I question my motives; I question where I should be at this time. Deep in thought. I realize that the summer that wasn’t will be again.
Next year will be two summer s in one. 5780-81. Two years joined together.
Camp 5780-81 will be year 49 and 50 together. Double of all. Double the Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit, Energy, Friendship and Excitement. Expansion – as we get permits to build, we hope to build an extra two bunkhouses for the coming summer.
Missing you all – wishing you all the best in health and safety, B’gashmius and B’ruchnius.
Most important of all; Let our double year be in Yerushalayim with Moshiach Now!!
Looking forward to greeting you all near the Bais Hamikdosh. Exact location, to be revealed shortly. Hugs.

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